Programs for Artists

YAC mentors and instructs young adults whose learning aptitude is creatively and visually stimulated.


Our programs fosters a supportive environment for young adults by emphasizing the importance of community development through intercultural engagement in pursuit of service learning, artistic programming and mentorship.

Programs are centered around

  • Social Justice. Empowerment to secure the use of their voice and perspective.

  • Economic Development. Identification and receipt of equitable educational resources to create and nurture a strong community.

  • Entrepreneurship. Better accessibility to post-high school education and employment via mentorship and experiential learning.

  • Civic Engagement. Increasing young adults positioning in diversified STEAM industries with an influential perspective on local and global change.

  • Artivism. Holistic instruction aimed at solving social problems utilizing the Arts and the skills of imaginative synthesis.

You Artistry Collaborative introduces innovative cross-disciplinary classes in arts education inspired by Hip-Hop culture and utilizing the principles found within. These classes will engage students in a variety of media, based in dance, music, and visual arts through the creation of all things related to Hip-Hop culture. At YAC, we are expanding the formal classroom environment to impact social change among children and young adults through formal instruction in Hip-Hop culture because of its relevance to contemporary lifestyles. We want to acknowledge how engaged young people are in politics, socio-economics, and their home communities at all ages. 


By introducing young students to a curriculum based in Hip-Hop culture, which is founded on the ideology of family and the advocacy for an inclusive model of community, we will encourage students to better understand their world and work together to build a better future. Students of all ages will learn from instructors who will encourage their growth through activities that utilize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with the Arts, to fully utilize all tendencies of learning and creative engagement. This section of courses based in Hip-Hop is vital to building stronger individuals who will help build stronger, healthier, happier communities through education and social change, and the empowerment to start where they are and do what they can.

Artist-in-Residency (AiR) Track 

Cancelled until further notice 

A 2-month summer immersion of participants in a progressive thinking environment infused with distance learning centered on civic leadership from a creative perspective. Residents will benefit from the contemplative international retreat with collaborative partners while also contributing to a dynamic mix of programming for community growth and sustainability.

mentoring Track

Cancelled until further notice

A 10-month intensive accelerated seminar – part instruction, part interactive – with an integrated component of globalism and intergenerational engagement. Within this seminar, there will be mandatory courses with themes solicited from participants throughout the community seeking trained professionals for employment and 21st century leadership.

Internship Track

REMOTE internships available now

A structured work experience for selected participants – high school aged (Only Juniors and Seniors), undergraduate, and graduate students – depending upon position, related to a participant’s academic major and/or professional goal. This experience is supervised by a professional in the industry and the participant is expected to collaborate with the team in all stages of the project. The internship can be one academic term (summer, spring, fall) or multiple academic terms in length.