Pushing Beyond My Comforts

I’m finding that being a person right now is confusing and strange, and my ability to know exactly what I should be doing as an individual or a societal member during this pandemic is muddied by various entities around me. It seems like what is occurring is that everyone is doing the best they can individually while there is no overarching clear directive telling us how to move forward. Because of this, as an educator and artist, I am finding that thinking outside the box of what I considered traditional “work” has to shift and therefore I am finding new ways of sharing information and engaging with students. 

On my own I am fabricating works in the studio and writing my dissertation at IDSVA on the Artist Collective, I am also finding ways of teaching online. YAC has given me the opportunity to utilize my expertise in artmaking while sharing the work of contemporary artists as activists through classes that teach kids the joys of making. I am also participating in YAC’s conversations based on race and engaging with one another's experiences, through Collective Brunch: Conversations on Race Relations on Sundays beginning next month.

Although we may spend the winter separated because of the global pandemic and a shared desire to stay safe while keeping others safe, we can still connect and advocate for change in how we interact as a society. I think this is an awesome opportunity for us to engage with each other through technology while participating in a shared desire to eradicate the virus from our communities for the good of everyone. I hope that you’ll join us in this unprecedented time in sharing in communication, change, and a little bit of joy.

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