Hip Hop Series


You Artistry Collaborative introduces innovative cross-disciplinary classes in arts education inspired by Hip-Hop culture and utilizing the principles found within. These classes will engage students in a variety of media, based in dance, music, and visual arts through the creation of all things related to Hip-Hop culture. At YAC, we are expanding the formal classroom environment to impact social change among children and young adults through formal instruction in Hip-Hop culture because of its relevance to contemporary lifestyles. We want to acknowledge how engaged young people are in politics, socio-economics, and their home communities at all ages. 


By introducing young students to a curriculum based in Hip-Hop culture, which is founded on the ideology of family and the advocacy for an inclusive model of community, we will encourage students to better understand their world and work together to build a better future. Students of all ages will learn from instructors who will encourage their growth through activities that utilize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with the Arts, to fully utilize all tendencies of learning and creative engagement. This section of courses based in Hip-Hop is vital to building stronger individuals who will help build stronger, healthier, happier communities through education and social change, and the empowerment to start where they are and do what they can.



Social impact investment configures financial contributions to organizations who are addressing social needs with the explicit expectation of a measurable social, as well as financial return on the investment. The major caveat is that individuals in pursuit of these shares must utilize ingenuity when focusing on social and economic challenges, not limiting their modeling to new and creative practices of both public and private partnerships. What we at YAC seek to do is provide an upgrade to the wheel in terms of funding, deliverables, and innovative scaled solutions from the ground up.


The founder’s current academic research is based in Hip-Hop Based Education (HHBE) which is being utilized nationwide within classrooms to improve student motivation, teach critical media literacy, foster critical consciousness, and transmit disciplinary knowledge (Hill, 2009). Hip-Hop is indisputably a cultural phenomenon with influential qualities to sell a lifestyle but at YAC, we are expanding the formal classroom environment to impact social change among young adults while also providing instruction on a 21st century lifestyle. The young adults are hopeful in that they actively engage in dialogue with the current constructs and should things not progressively coincide with the change of the times, they join the cause and not wait for others to take action. Just as Hip-Hop was initiated as a social activist movement, it still stands as a major contributor to the civil rights movement. 


John Maeda, the past president of the Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence believes that scientists and artists are extremely innovative in their thought process but only with different outcomes. He said, “There is creativity in STEM itself, super genius in it ... but in arts education, it really is the raison d’etre to be out of the box, to accept the chaos. Artists and designers are “risk takers, they can think around corners.” With this understanding, we offer a community-based approach to engage learning for young adults, utilizing HHBE to deploy creative breakthroughs in society. The overall focus is on social impact and innovative processes. You cannot say Hip-Hop without thinking of its global effect and how it bridges the racial, cultural, sexual and even generational gap, so YAC is expanding this premise.


Hip-Hop was grounded in the ideology of family, advocating for an inclusive model of community, and this comprehensive framework is utilized for a new and innovative social enterprise to unify targeted future generations of diverse disciplines against the restrictive perspectives of political structures still objectifying and prohibiting marginalized communities. We are seeking out partners and instructors who would be interested in sharing their expertise to enhance the life and experiences of urban young adults. 


Take one class or many! Each course is paid individually and the course syllabus and sessions are set by the instructor. All course registrations will be available through Eventbrite and taught through TalentSpring.