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You Artistry Collaborative (YAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, intercultural co-educational movement of artists and educators providing a community-based approach to learning.  


We inspire young adults  to be productive members of the 4th Industrial Revolution  workforce and empower them to become an active member of the 21st century global leadership team.




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A Message from Angela M. Mosley

Giving a Voice to the Silent:

The Why Behind YAC

I understood the impact of the Arts at a very early age yet within the “free world”, known as the United States of America, the educational curricula either underfunds or completely removes these programs. 

Why Is That? 

With the Arts comes a preconceived belief that it should be made accessible to a particular group, because for me, as I am sure of others, the Arts evokes nontraditional thinking which guides one towards an independent perspective.

I took that even a step further and placed myself as an artist in an humanity collective. I asked of myself how would that affect the words I articulate as a poet, the music I sing and create as a musician, the visuals I convey within my respective community. How my move with others would influence their thoughts to invent or legislate policies, because even some of the great scientists or esteemed officials were also artists. For I know my narrative will outlast my physical presence so I chose to establish YAC, taking all of this into consideration.


I understand the importance of making a statement and giving a voice to the silent. I know the need for space to freely move without rigorous stipulations. But I also know and have experienced relationally living and it is through this forum do I inspire the next generation of scholars, leaders, and creatives to converse and facilitate a positive movement in which they launch a ripple effect to impact the world.